Square Timber


We produce square timber for construction using tight-grained Subalpine firs and spruces, which exhibit a particularly beautiful grain direction due to slow-growth at a predetermined location. Trees are harvested exclusively at the right time.

Thanks to our work process, you will obtain long-lasting, smooth, and low-movement timber. Our method of producing long-lasting construction timber conforms to the craftsmanship tradition with which our ancestors created wooden structures which reached 500 years of age and older without the use of preservatives.

This particularly careful handling and processing method for trees even enables us to use no-glue THOMA timber as an alternative to glued laminated timber in complex areas such as wood/glass constructions and solar energy technology.

You will discover that consistently avoiding girders glued with synthetic resin will also delight our ecologically-minded customers, as well as people who simply find pleasure in the aesthetics of massive timber.