Ancient and new knowledge about wood and forests

Showing “What wood can do!” is always the aim when developing Thoma natural wood products. Age-old knowledge plays as important a role as the findings of the latest research. Find out more in our knowledge section.


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Alter Baum

Natural air conditioning

Temperature fluctuations, cold, uncomfortable wall surfaces and unsteady levels of humidity are foreign concepts to the wooden house. As an inhabitant of a Wood100 house, you experience thermal comfort, which previously seemed to be unfeasible in this configuration.

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Thoma Holzhaus Kachelofen

Healthy living

Wood100 is 100% free of toxic construction chemicals. Something much better is used in their place: Wood100 surrounds you with solid wood, like a second skin. Free of toxic fumes, invigorating and revitalizing. The Wood100 house is the best foundation for deep, healthy sleep ...

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Thoma Holz 100 Holzdübelkonstruktion

Wood100 is 100% wood

A natural solid wood wall forms the basis of a healthy, ecological and honest living environment. That’s exactly what Wood100 offers. What makes Wood100 special is that it is held together with wooden dowels and not with glue or metal.

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Thoma Holz

Moon wood

For thousands of years people have been preoccupied with how the time of year when a tree is felled influences the quality of the timber. Felled wood is particularly strong and hard-wearing during a waning moon and when there is a new moon.

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Thoma Holz

Wood100 wall types

From the 12cm inner wall to the 36cm outer wall and ceiling systems, Wood100 has the right component for every situation. Allowing you to build your pure wood home – without compromises.

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