A Future With Natural Wood - A book from Dr. Erwin Thoma

Bestselling Austrian author Dr. Erwin Thoma not only loves the forest, he also has a deep understanding of its tree societies and their ecosystems. Through the illness of his son, his family discovered that modern building materials can cause serious health problems.

A Future With Natural Wood - A book from Dr. Erwin Thoma - Thoma Wood100

On their quest to establish a healthy home environment, Erwin tried out his grandfather’s traditional methods. He replaced all plywood, chipboard and synthetics in their home with natural timber and the boy regained his health. As a result Erwin developed a patented building system which is made purely of untreated timber and is expected to last for many generations to come.

In 1999 Erwin set up a research centre in Goldegg and started testing these traditional methods scientifically with astounding results. His first book translated into English is a worthwhile read for anyone who is interested in healthy building materials, growing trees, working, designing and building with timber. You will see trees in a new, better informed way and be inspired to build your future with natural timber.

Softcover, 153 x 230 mm, 174 pages, with many illustrations

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