Trees and us

Thoma was founded in 1990 by Erwin Thoma, a forester, because he wanted to build the healthiest house for his children. Today the company is famous around the world for its environmentally friendly approach to business.

Florian, Elisabth und Erwin Thoma - Florian, Elisabeth and Erwin Thoma - Thoma Wood100

Florian, Elisabeth and Erwin Thoma

From a single source - Thoma Wood100

From a single source

Thoma takes care of the entire raw material chain from logging the timber to producing the finished Wood100 walls. The Gußwerk sawmill which Thoma operates is the largest moon wood sawmill in Europe, the components for Thoma houses are manufactured in two Wood100 plants. The exceptional quality can thus be assured right up to the finished house.

Value creation with wood - Thoma Wood100

Value creation with wood

Felling trees at the right time, a careful drying process and handmade construction materials. Thoma processes wood according to strict principles, which are far beyond the current industry standards. That’s how we create sustainable value with wood.

Modernes Holz100 Holzhaus mit großzügiger Terrasse - Over 1000 healthy houses around the world - Thoma Wood100

Over 1000 healthy houses around the world

The patented Thoma Wood100 construction surrounds its inhabitants with pure, solid wood. Stepping into this chemical and metal-free house immerses you in the energy and magic of trees, where you can also wonder at the finest, high-tech wood technology. Our evidence is the thousands of thrilled Wood100 home owners.

Standorte der Thoma Partner - Far reaching network - Thoma Wood100

Far reaching network

Our regional partners build Thoma houses around the world. Why shouldn’t you build a house of health and joy?