Wood100 is 100% wood

A natural solid wood wall forms the basis of a healthy, ecological and honest living environment. That’s exactly what Wood100 offers. What makes Wood100 special is that it is held together with wooden dowels and not with glue or metal.

Essentially, Wood100 walls are constructed in the same way as any glued wood elements. Crossed layers of wooden boards are combined to form a compact construction element. The big difference is the material used to hold it all together: Wood100 exclusively uses wooden dowels.

Standing and lying poles are layered to form compact structural elements without any gaps. A carefully planned pattern of bone-dry wooden dowels penetrates these layers deep into the wall element. The dowels absorb some residual moisture in their new location and irrevocably swell into the surrounding wood. They powerfully combine the individual parts into one solid whole.

From the perspective of building biology and ecology, Wood100 is a real stroke of luck. It is made of 100% renewable raw materials and simultaneously advances the level of measurable technology. Discussions about whether one glue is more or less dubious and risky than another are totally unnecessary – only pure wood is used.

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