This is Wood100

Wood100 surrounds its inhabitants with the pure magic of trees. It forms a building envelope which promotes health and vitality, and which is made of 100% natural, locally source softwood sustainably harvested during the waning moon phase. Wood100 is 100% free of wood preservatives and glue. Instead, Holz100 takes advantage of wood’s natural energy and effects.

Where the pure magic of trees is hidden

Where the pure magic of trees is hidden - Thoma Wood100

One material

Wood100 consists exclusively of the renewable raw material wood. The solid wall construction is achieved using mechanical connections with wooden dowels. No glue, metal, toxic chemical or wood preservative is used.

Winterlandschaft - Wood harvested at the right time - Thoma Wood100

Wood harvested at the right time

Wood100 consists 100% of wood, which will last for generations. This is made possible by using wood harvested at the right time. Moon wood offers pests almost nothing to feed on, it is denser and therefore on the whole more durable than conventionally harvested wood. Toxic wood preservatives can thus be left alone.

A healthy living environment

Wood100 is 100% free of toxic construction chemicals. Something much better is used in their place: Wood100 surrounds you with solid wood, like a second skin. Free of toxic fumes, invigorating, revitalizing. The Wood100 house is the best basis for deep, healthy sleep and an active, dynamic life full of vigor and calm.

Thoma Holzhaus Wärmedämmung - World record for heat insulation - Thoma Wood100

World record for heat insulation

Wood naturally insulates, stores and shields heat equally, which means that every wooden house can become a comfortable oasis if the wood is assembled without being treated. Wood100 insulates twice as well as solid wood or glued wood thanks to its patented construction method, thus allowing it to possess world record holding insulation properties. This makes energy self-sufficient housing and passive houses possible without the need for insulation or complicated building technology.

Hotel Forsthofalm Leogang - Fire protection - Thoma Wood100

Fire protection

The static load bearing capacity of Wood100 was able to withstand exposure to flames of 900–1000°C for 150 minutes. Wood100 therefore exceeds every fire protection standard by far. 3–5 times better fire safety than reinforced concrete, brick ceilings and timber-framed houses. Wood100 is fire resistant up to REI 120 min or F 90.

Schallschutz - Sound insulation - Thoma Wood100

Sound insulation

Noise makes you sick – it is important to think about quiet when planning to build houses. With double-layer wall structures and modified ceiling constructions, Wood100 offers solutions far beyond the requirements of the sound insulation standard.

Earthquake resistance - Thoma Wood100

Earthquake resistance

Wood100 houses have survived numerous earthquakes in Japan unscathed, including the devastating Tohoku earthquake of 2011. From a structural point of view, the Wood100 system with its wall structure consisting of individual pieces doweled together is not completely “rigid or stiff”. This results in a certain flexibility which provides exceptional earthquake resistance.

Holz100 Strahlensicherheit - Radiation safety - Thoma Wood100

Radiation safety

Wood100 almost completely protects against high-frequency radiation such as from mobile phones masts, thus providing inhabitants with a safe living space while maintaining all the positive effects of the earth’s magnetic field. A Wood100 house is a naturally protected oasis of rest and recuperation.

Vorgefertigte Holz100 Elemente - Short construction times - Thoma Wood100

Short construction times

Very short construction times can be achieved since the system is largely constructed in advance and because a dry construction method is employed. Generally, after just one day a family home is dry and the shell of the building is rainproof. There is no building moisture and no formation of mold. This minimizes follow-up work on the building site, which in turn saves costs. The seven-story hotel “Forsthofalm” with rooftop swimming pool was erected and ready for use in only three months.

Wood as natural air conditioning

Wood makes it possible: warm and cozy in winter, nice and cool in summer. The huge mass of Wood100 ensures that temperature and humidity fluctuations balance out. It offers a unique, naturally regulating air-conditioning system which is inherent in the natural wood, if left untreated. The pleasant surface temperature of the wooden walls makes heating unnecessary in many cases. Thus not only creating a cozy atmosphere but also reducing operating costs.

Breathing walls - Thoma Wood100

Breathing walls

Wood100 walls are breathable and windproof. This combination is possible since the walls are made of one material – 100% natural wood. Thoma gives a 50-year no mold or condensation guarantee.

Diversity and individuality

Thoma creates an exact wood plan based on the house owners’ wishes and plans. With computer-controlled assembly there are no limits to design freedom. Whether it’s a modern wood-glass combination, traditional punched window facade or Waldorf kindergarten with asymmetric windows, everything is possible with Wood100.

Ready for the post-fossil fuel age

The production and operation of Wood100 houses are optimized for sustainability. Wood100 houses are manufactured in factories which use solar energy. The production process is optimized for raw-material cycles. That way only a minimum of waste is generated during production, which is in turn used to generate energy in the company’s own combined heat and power station. Wood100 already requires much less energy to produce than concrete, bricks or glue-laminates.