Walls, ceilings, roofs – with Wood100 everything is made of solid wood

From the 12cm inner wall to the 36cm outer wall and ceiling systems, Wood100 has the right component for every situation. Allowing you to build your pure wood home – without compromises.

Holz100 236er Wand - 36erouter wall - Thoma Wood100

outer wall

With its 36cm of solid wood, our thickest outer wall provides the optimal interior climate and the highest level of comfort. It makes it possible to build without the need for insulation.

Holz100 30er Wand - 30er outer wall - Thoma Wood100

30er outer wall

Weighing in at almost 140kg per square meter, this wall is able to compensate peak heating and cooling loads for a month thanks to its high heat storage capacity.

Holz100 25er Wand - 25erouter wall - Thoma Wood100

outer wall

Our 25cm wall is the first wall in the “Wood100 Thermal” design meaning that it features higher insulation properties compared to normal solid wood.

Holz100 20er Wand - 20erouter wall - Thoma Wood100

outer wall

With its thick wall construction, the 20cm outer wall offers excellent fire protection and all the benefits of a solid wood wall.

Holz100 17er Wand - 17er outer wall - Thoma Wood100

17er outer wall

The 17cm wall is our entry level outer wall design. It combines a cost-oriented budget with a high level of living health and comfort.

14er inner wall - Thoma Wood100

14er inner wall

Our 14cm wall is used as a load-bearing inner wall and also boosts the heat storage capacity of your house.

Holz100 12er Wand - 12er inner wall - Thoma Wood100

12er inner wall

Our 12cm wall is not used as a load-bearing inner wall. It combines a minimal wall thickness with the benefits of solid wood, such as good sound insulation.

Holz100 21er Decke - 21er  ceiling - Thoma Wood100

21er ceiling

Our 21cm ceiling allows spans of more than 5 meters thanks to the top and bottom flange. The two inner layers also add a structurally stiffening effect.

Holz100 17er Decke - 17er ceiling - Thoma Wood100

17er ceiling

Our 17cm ceiling has static spans similar to its big sister, the 21cm ceiling. As a less stiff ceiling and roof panel, it is the cost-optimized solution for uncompromising timber construction.

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