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Wood100 is 100% free of toxic construction chemicals. Something much better is used in their place: Wood100 surrounds you with solid wood, like a second skin. Free of toxic fumes, invigorating and revitalizing. The Wood100 house is the best foundation for deep, healthy sleep and an active, dynamic life full of energy and calm.

Thoma Holzhaus Kachelofen - Healthy living - Thoma Wood100

For many people, the dream of owning a house in the countryside is linked to the desire for health. Choosing a construction material which doesn’t damage your health is a particularly important consideration.

The development of building materials has advanced rapidly since the 1970s and today everything seems technically feasible. However, there is also a steadily increasing number of health problems, whose causes could be traced back to people’s immediate living environment. Residential poisons which radiate from building materials and furniture can release harmful substances for many years. They are considered a possible cause for allergies and other illnesses. The effects caused by the interaction of vapor-releasing plastics, sheeting of all kinds, solvents, adhesives and other construction chemicals on our health continue to present doctors with new challenges.
At the heart of the long-term prevention of such preventable diseases is the conscious decision to use materials which are safe for the environment. For this reason, more and more house builders are asking planners, developers and suppliers for full materials lists. In the case of Wood100 this materials list is short: Wood. Wood100 is made entirely of wood.

Wood100 thus not only surrounds you with a completely non-toxic building material, Wood100 also strengthens your immune system, revitalizes your nervous system and helps you live a longer life. Rooms made of wood have such a calming effect on us that we save our heart an hour’s work every night we spend in them.
These and other new research results on the health-promoting effects of wood are presented in detail in the book “The Soothing Medicine of Trees” (Die Sanfte Medizin der Bäume) by Erwin Thoma and Prof. Maximilian Moser.

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