Ideas don't fall from trees

25 February 2022 Goldegg

… but they can grow just the same.

In the coming months, we will take you on a fascinating development journey. Our Research & Development department will give you exclusive insights into new ideas and projects.

Our team in Goldegg is developing, fine-tuning and grinding away around the clock on new solutions for a climate-friendly construction industry. Here at Thoma, we set ourselves complex tasks in order to solve them in harmony with nature. Currently, our thinkers are particularly preoccupied with the following question:

If wood is 100% recyclable – can we then develop modules that are 100% degradable and 100% reusable elsewhere?

That would be a real step towards the circular construction economy. And we would like to take it, because wood as a building material does not lose its ability to store CO2 when a house is demolished. Instead of burning our wall and ceiling modules, we want to reuse them elsewhere in new architecture.

In this way, a house would become a new house, a new house, a new house… no longer theoretical but practical! Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it?

We have had the first sketches for this for some time. Thanks to a project within the framework of the European Union, our approach is getting a Europe-wide resonance. Because our research team was able to convince the experts from Interreg.

Interreg is a joint initiative of the European Regional Development Fund, which aims to promote cooperation between EU member states and neighbouring non-EU countries. The programmes are embedded in the European Territorial Cooperation.

Look forward to a journey into the new territory of the construction industry and through the united Europe. Are you with us?

Ideas don't fall from trees - Thoma Wood100
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