How a Thoma House is born

Every good house starts with an idea. You have chosen a sustainable construction method and have the highest standards of living health and comfort. Wood100 is the best choice for you. Our close partners are expert craftsmen who can offer the highest construction quality when turning your life dream into a reality.

The prints are on the table

You’ve designed your dream house together with your Thoma partner or your architect, the plan has been approved and the prints have been prepared. It’s now time for our experts to get to work transforming the entire house into individual Wood100 elements as part of the wood construction plans.

Arbeiten im Holz100 Werk Stadl an der Mur

The elements are manufactured

The Wood100 elements are now produced in our factories individually and in accordance with the requirements of the Wood100 production plans. The first stage is to layer the moon wood boards by hand or using the robot.

Everything is connected using wooden dowels

The whole element is held together by purely mechanical wood connections. Beech dowels sockets swell up in the board layers, binding them together permanently. Toxic glues or wood preservatives are not used in the production of Wood100.

The pieces of a family home

The doweled elements of the family home are stored in the Wood100 workshops until the next stage where they are cut with millimeter precision by the CNC milling machine. All the necessary modifications are made to ensure the elements don’t need to be worked on later.

The finished pieces are inspected

The parts are now fully joined. But before they can be approved and sent off their dimensions have to be checked again, and the surface inspected for visual imperfections and finished by hand. Through this final inspection, Thoma elements become hand-selected components of the highest quality.

Everything is ready to be transported

The individual parts of the house are loaded onto platforms in the factory hall and covered with tarpaulins. Thus prepared for transport, the platforms can be loaded onto the lowboy and sent promptly on their way to the building site.

The house is transported to the building site

Since we have two locations, we can keep delivery routes throughout Europe short and thus minimize CO2 emissions. Prior to delivery to the building site, the site’s access options are discussed so that the truck can come and go without encountering any problems.

Everything is received on-site

At the building site the carpenters are ready with the crane to lift the elements onto the floor plate of the future Thoma house piece by piece. The platforms can remain on the building site with the elements. This way the truck doesn’t have to wait around and the elements can wait out the rain before the assembly begins.

A wall floats over the building site

All components are safely lifted using special mounting brackets. We determine the order in which the individual elements should be assembled in a loading plan which we draw up during the planning stage and then lift the elements off the platform in this sequence.

and is placed on the mounting joists

The larch joists determine the position of the timber construction on the floor plate and are placed and leveled with millimeter precision. The walls have a groove on the underside which allows them to slot perfectly onto the mounting joists, which means they can be assembled in no time at all thanks to the incredibly high and exact level of prefabrication.

The roof elements are installed

Due to the multi-layer structure of the roof and ceiling elements, the panels can be mounted in wide sections measuring around 2.5m, resulting in a stiffening effect. This allows for very quick assembly times and means that even the most challenging elements such as dormer windows or roof cut-outs hold their shape down to the millimeter.

The dry shell erected before the sun goes down

A Wood100 construction kit for a family home can be put up in a record time of just one day. We and our partners on site see it as our job to make your jaw drop with astonishment at the perfect planning, production, construction and uncompromising dedication to quality.

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