Hotel Sleepwood

17 December 2021 Eupen

With the Sleepwood hotel in Eupen, Belgium ( our partner DRUWID ( has created a masterpiece. Everything has really been done to be able to experience an exceptionally restful night.

The balanced indoor climate in the rooms is determined by two natural materials: wood and clay. The rooms are furnished in a rustic-chic style. All furniture is made of solid wood. This gives the rooms a homely coziness in a cozy, comforting atmosphere. Joy and relaxation unfold with every breath. Words reach their limits here, you simply have to experience it.

The experts of DRUWIND made with this project their name once again all honor. Because already the Celts knew how to handle the building materials wood and clay very skillfully, they gave themselves the original name DRUWID; it stands for the Celtic DRU = big and old as well as WID = knowledge.
What do you think, should there be more companies like DRUWID, specialized in eco-hightech? Is this a market with a future?


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