Our favorite word of the month: #grandchildrenfriendly

30 August 2021 Goldegg

What are we leaving our grandchildren? And what will they say and think about us and our current way of life later on? Anyone who includes the adjective “grandchild-friendly” in their considerations will come to new conclusions.

Today we know: Solid wood processed without glue requires only a fraction of the production energy in its production compared to chemically processed wood, burnt brick, cement and reinforced concrete.

In addition, Holz100 does not have to be disposed of as building waste after its use. Much more clean wood remains – a valuable material for our descendants!
So an old Thoma house can be turned into a new one. Building with Holz100 has become a real investment for generations. Wood, properly processed, also offers health and energy independence.

Erwin Thoma’s idea of practiced sustainability has itself grown over the years into his life’s work. Quite naturally. Like a tree.

Our favorite word of the month: #grandchildrenfriendly - Thoma Wood100

Thinking and acting in a way that is appropriate for grandchildren is timeless. So we don’t have to wait until everything has gotten better – we can start at any time to make things better for future generations.

That’s why we simply don’t fall for the pessimists of the future and prefer to build 100% sustainably and glue-free with Holz100.

Our grandchildren already think it’s great.

Our favorite word of the month: #grandchildrenfriendly - Thoma Wood100
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