The crowning glory of creation

25 January 2022 Goldegg

If we humans think for 5 minutes that we are not the crowning glory of creation, but that the trees are, what could we learn from them? Here are seven suggestions:

  • patience – hectic trees are very, very rare
  • inner strength – outdoors in wind and weather
  • teamwork – use networks to help instead of putting each other down
  • self-healing – instead of workshop medicine
  • keeping calm – just listen to the wind
  • pure joy of life – exuberant like a tree in springtime
  • contentment – in the here and now, right where the seeds of life sprouted and began to unfold.

I’m sure there are still a few missing, aren’t there? We look forward to your suggestions.


The crowning glory of creation - Thoma Wood100
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