We have reason to celebrate

22 September 2022 5622 Goldegg, Pongau, Österreich

As of this week, there are exactly 2.500 Thoma houses worldwide.

They are all united by the Holz100 system, i.e. the unglued solid wood wall. In their characteristics, they are as different as individual living and room concepts can be.

Whether modern, rustic, playful or quite simple, there are almost no limits to the forms and applications. And some Holz100 houses do not look at all from the outside that it is actually a so-called “alternative house”.

Today, more and more office buildings are being built with the highest level of heat protection and residential buildings that can be kept comfortably warm at minus 40° Celsius with a few logs of wood. 2,500 wooden houses are still not much. But a start has been made.

Even if some concrete heads would rather stay in the Stone Age, the turn towards truly sustainable building is in full swing.


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