Building like the forest

24 March 2022 Goldegg

Building like the forest – without waste and hazardous waste – and everything remains valuable.

When houses are produced according to our Holz100 standard, everything remains valuable. Everything! 100 percent! With Holz100, we at Thoma developed the first truly sustainable closed-loop concept for the construction industry.

Not all wood is the same: wood treated with glue or wood preservatives is not only harmful to the health of the house’s inhabitants due to its outgassing, it also has to be disposed of as hazardous waste when it is demolished.

The situation is completely different with the elements of Holz100: the valuable wood can be 100% recycled.

We take you with us on our research journey 2022! As part of the European Interreg innovation funding, we are building the first Holz100 office tower for research purposes. After years of use, the tower will be dismantled back into its components to be used again to construct a new building, with new architecture.


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