Today is the Day of Sustainability

26 September 2022

The word is on everyone’s lips: Sustainability. And it was actually forestry that introduced the idea to the world.

Sustainability was first formulated as a principle in German forestry in the 18th century. The first recorded thought on sustainability came from Hans Carl von Carlowitz (1645-1714), a Saxon chief miner from Freiberg.
Today, on Sustainability Day, we at Thoma are more convinced than ever of the concept of a circular economy. For us, there is no alternative to making the economy and industry fit for the future and thus fit for our grandchildren.
A construction site is a source of raw materials for the next use. Everything we take as raw material from nature, we process in such a way that it can be reused several times before.
Cascading reuse – that is sustainable, true circular economy.

Today is the Day of Sustainability - Thoma Wood100
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