Fascination Holz100

15 September 2021 Bad Lobenstein

Today we present you a true gem from the series: “Fascination Holz100”. This house was realized by our long-term partner, Spindler GmbH from Stadtsteinach. The design, planning and technical concept also came from him. The house was built in Bad Lobenstein, in Thuringia.

Special feature: The design of the kitchen, the bathroom furniture, the pine bed as well as the wardrobe come from the house Spindler.
About the object: The entire living area has a floor space of about 140 m², plus a small workshop, garage and terrace.
By popular request we have posted here a more detailed picture documentation. Too often the question arises, how it may look like in the house. At this point again a big thank you to the builder and the owner that they give us these insights.
And what do you think? Succeeded?


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