How we protect the indoor climate and the earth's climate in winter

20 January 2022 Goldegg

Anyone who has ever been to the really cold regions of the USA or Canada knows this effect of “uncomfortable warmth”. In the houses, which are usually only built of thin boards with light insulation, the body cannot warm up comfortably. Experts have a fitting term for this: “barrack climate”. Doesn’t sound nice. And it isn’t.

We have proven many times that there is another way. Due to the storage mass of Holz100, many Thoma houses require 30 to 50% less energy during operation. And unlike constant heating, the air in the room is neither dried out nor overheated. The air remains at a pleasant temperature. The result: a balanced and healthy indoor climate.
In other words, a high sense of well-being, lower heating costs. This is how climate change works, in front of and behind the front door. We don’t have to travel all the way to Canada for that, do we?


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