More than 160 realized Thoma wood houses ...

3 December 2021 Abensberg

Simon Beis and his team can be called the true pioneers of ecologically sustainable building. Their decision, made in 1992, to focus exclusively on healthy houses surprised many at the time. For a long time nobody is ridiculed any more, if of holz100 Bayern the speech is. And there is a good reason for this:

More than 160 wood houses have already been realized by our premium partner. Thanks to its cordialness and comprehensive consultation it could make many owners and – lady owners real fans of the lasting building.

For Simon Beis it is a matter of course to be able to show interested new customers Holz100 houses already built and suitable for the respective project. In addition, he is happy to arrange meetings with the owners. An honest exchange between experienced builders and those who want to become one – what do you think, a service with a promising future, right?

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