The somewhat more pleasant seminar rooms

17 February 2022 Steinen

Did you know that in a real wooden room it has been proven that concentration increases and heart work decreases? With Holz100, you are not only surrounded by a completely unpolluted building material, it also strengthens the immune system.
Wooden rooms have such a calming effect on us that our bodies save an hour’s heart work every night. But don’t worry, no one has to fall asleep in the seminar to experience the positive side effects of a wooden room.

If you want to create the perfect rooms for creative hours for yourself and your team, we strongly recommend that you contact our partner Beat auf der Maur. Together with their team, they have realised the seminar room posted here in Switzerland.

You can find out more about our top partner in Switzerland at:

In which environment do you have the most creative ideas and best thoughts? Is it at work, in nature or somewhere else entirely? We look forward to hearing about your experiences!


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